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        If you have just found us and are reading this blog, you must be a writer of some sort and probably looking for help putting that writing, whatever shape it takes, in a typed format. You have come to the right place. We have been preparing documentation from adolescent love letters to corporate dissolution documents and everything in between. We have been doing it for forty-four years. Time do fly when you’re having fun.

      We started in a very ordinary way. Single mom, three small children, needing cash. I had had an extremely good education which had prepared me for absolutely nothing until my father decided that I needed a “trade” before he let me loose on the world. Fluent parlor French and the ability to pay four handed Bach partitas would not help me in the world should the need arise, and he seemed sure that the need would arise. So he sent me off to Katherine Gibbs. That was back in the day when hats and gloves were mandatory (I think there has been a successful revolution since). I hated every moment of that year. But wow! Do they teach you the way around an office from corner to corner and back again. We even had spelling tests, twenty-five words every morning, and if you missed any, very bad things happened to you. I can’t remember what, so I must have blocked it out.

     Anyway, with a borrowed Selectric typewriter and an ad in the Yellow Pages HOMS Services (an acronym for Her Only Means of Support–meant to be funny but it was in dead earnest) was launched. In the Bible we were called scribes, with the invention of the typewriter we became public stenographers, with the computer we evolved yet again into word processors. Today we are virtual assistants–there, but not there–working but invisible. The ideal, perfect employee with all the qualifications and none of the overhead. Outsourcing the time consuming typing assignments to professional typists who only charge for hours expended is totally cost effective and time sensitive to tight turnaround schedules.

      So as much as things change, as someone once said, the more things stay the same. The means and methods of recording words certainly has evolved from the quill and ink bottle to the computer and internet and beyond, but the need to collect and capture the spoken word in order to preserve and share thoughts and documents has not changed or diminished. If anything it has become more necessary in order to learn from the past and innovate for the future.

      There. This is our introduction of WP Outsource. I hope you will visit our site at for manuscript typing services and stay tuned for more to come.