Transcription Services

It is no secret that it is much quicker to speak than it is to type. In fact, many people are so fluent in being able to form their thoughts verbally that it is their method of choice in creating documentation—reports, research, briefs—you name it. Digital recording or document content is widely used in business, research and academia. But it is only half way home. Those recorded words need to be transcribed and this is where WP Outsource comes in. We have a team of trained transcriptionists who are familiar with the terminology of law and insurance for example, in transcribing briefs and reports at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house but administrative personnel who could otherwise be performing bottom line tasks to far greater advantage.

Dictation and transcription is also a valuable tool for professors and students who need to compile vast quantities of research information for lectures, theses and dissertations. Again, WP Outsource has professions who are familiar with the extremely complex formats of APA, MLA, and Turabian, as well as unique individual university dissertation formatting requirements. Contact us today for our transcription services.


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