OCR & Typing Services

What Are OCR Services?

OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition and it is a fantastic technology which translates print text to an electronic digital file which can then be edited. It does however require the capability of scanning and then special software to read the document. Not everyone has these capabilities. We do, and when needed they are invaluable. The book or dissertation that was written and published before there was the capability to capture and store writings digitally can now be digitized without time consuming manual input. Again, a manuscript that was created years before the personal computer was available and now needs to be in a digital file to be submitted to a publisher can be scanned rather than retyped.

Because this process is very technical and the software expensive, when it is not available within an office or to an individual at the university, it is a task that again can be performed at WP Outsource. We have professionals who are very knowledgeable in the application of OCR and where it would be most effectively and efficiently applied.

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