Manuscript Typing Services and Formatting

Preparing the Manuscript

Creating a manuscript is extremely difficult. It’s solitary work, often cruelly frustrating and requires huge self-discipline. Every writer has his own comfort space to best tap creativity. Ernest Hemingway worked with two fingers standing up and a portable typewriter often nude. Daphne DuMurier had to work in a damp, mossy garden shed at the bottom of her garden. The moisture, mold and moss were her inspiration. The hugely wordy Victorians—Thackary, Gaskill, Dickens—wrote with quill and ink. It doesn’t matter in the slightest how the text is put down on paper. What does matter is how it is presented to editor or publisher for acceptance. Yes, yes, and again emphatically, YES! Formatting and clearly presenting the manuscript is important. Editors and publishers are extremely busy; bombarded with manuscripts on a daily basis for their consideration and blessedly, acceptance. So right from the start their antennae are set to reject the chaff—the badly presented/formatted/typed manuscript. Their thought: Bad presentation—bad writing—Toss It. The manuscript will not be taken seriously. The editor will not consider reading a sloppy or unprofessional document. Editors read eight hours a day so they must have material that makes their job as easy as possible to cover the most literary ground in their search for the next great American novel. You write, we type! Let us put your words into the most acceptable, professional format that will impress any editor and do everything possible to encourage acceptance. Contact us today for our manuscript typing services.


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