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As any graduate student knows well, the preparation of the thesis or dissertation is an agonizing process and takes a huge amount of time, usually years. The research is tedious and the writing is complicated and governed by formatting rules based on details. Many worthy students have stumbled at the finish line because the required document was not formatted correctly. This should not happen and is not necessary.

The dissertation is traditionally prepared in text formats set down by the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), or Turabian (Chicago). Further, each university where the dissertation is being presented has a set of formatting requirements. The student who has done brilliant research is not necessarily familiar with the precise requirements of these formats. WP Outsource has professionals who specialize in these formats and know how to present them according to university rules.

A frequently asked question is how to submit material to us for typing. We accept material in hand, type or recorded. Very often the ongoing project produces text in all three mediums. That’s ok. It doesn’t matter to us, and we will pull it all together in a format that will be acceptable to the most exacting academic committee. We are always available to discuss how we can help you organize your research material in the required format.  Contact us today to talk about our dissertation formatting services.


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