Manuscript Typing and Formatting

Preparing the Manuscript

Creating a manuscript is extremely difficult. It’s solitary work, often cruelly frustrating and as all writers know, it requires huge self-discipline. Every writer has his own comfort space to best tap the creativity muse. Ernest Hemingway worked with two fingers standing up at a portable typewriter on a counter desk…often nude. Daphne DuMurier had to work in a damp, mossy garden shed at the bottom of her garden. The moisture, mold and moss were her inspiration. Winston Churchill wrote volumes of detailed history in bed with an endless supply of whiskey and cigars. The hugely wordy Victorians—Thackary, Gaskill, and Dickens wrote with quill and ink. It doesn’t matter in the slightest how the text is put down on paper, how the words and text are created. What does matter is how they are presented to the editor or publisher for acceptance. Yes, yes, and again emphatically, YES! Formatting and presenting a cleanly formatted manuscript is important.

Dissertation Formatting & Typing

As any graduate student knows well, the preparation of the thesis or dissertation is an agonizing process and takes a huge amount of time, usually years. The research is tedious and the writing is complicated and governed by formatting rules based on details. Many worthy students have stumbled at the finish line because the required document was not formatted correctly. This should not happen and is not necessary. The dissertation is traditionally prepared in text formats set down by the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), or Turabian (Chicago). Further, each university where the dissertation is being presented has a set of formatting requirements. The student who has done brilliant research is not necessarily familiar with the precise requirements of these formats. WP Outsource has professionals who specialize in these formats and know how to present them according to university rules. READ MORE

Secretarial Services

OCR Services

Secretarial services can mean anything from preparing a fifty page contract the addressing envelopes for a birthday party and any variety of communication paperwork in between. Once these tasks were handled by the typing pool and the public stenographer. Today we are known as the Virtual Assistant…invisible but available in a crisis. We specialize in tight timeframes. One of the most valuable services we offer to the small business owner, single practitioner lawyer, or large corporation faced with a deadline and shortage of qualified staff, is the preparation of correspondence and documentation. READ MORE

Transcription Services

It is no secret that it is much quicker to speak than it is to type. In fact, many people are so fluent in being able to form their thoughts verbally that it is their method of choice in creating documentation—reports, research, briefs—you name it. Digital recording or document content is widely used in business, research and academia. But it is only half way home. Those recorded words need to be transcribed and this is where WP Outsource comes in. We have a team of trained transcriptionists who are familiar with the terminology of law and insurance for example, in transcribing briefs and reports at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house but administrative personnel who could otherwise be performing bottom line tasks to far greater advantage.

OCR Services

OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition and it is a fantastic technology which translates print text to an electronic digital file which can then be edited. It does however require the capability of scanning and then special software to read the document. Not everyone has these capabilities. We do, and when needed they are invaluable. The book or dissertation that was written and published before there was the capability to capture and store writings digitally can now be digitized without time consuming manual input. Again, a manuscript that was created years before the personal computer was available and now needs to be in a digital file to be submitted to a publisher can be scanned rather than retyped.
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